"Archimedes" has its own publishing activities. It was created and published hundreds of titles handy references for students and teachers. In addition to the journal "Mathematical enjoyer" (in the publishing of the "Archimedes" had a long break), we should mention the edition of thematic brochures, "Materials for young mathematicians", a collection of tasks and tests in math, history books Serbian mathematics, teaching materials, a collection of posters and postcards of great mathematicians and others.
Prices of the publications are given in price list .
Here is more detailed information about the "Arhimedes's" publications. For publications that are not here described can be found at another site section in Bookstore .

1. Small collection of interesting mathematical problems for "FOCUSING MIND"
(200 tasks with solutions)

Manual for lovers of mathematics from 9 to 99 years, and for students especially IV, V and VI class of Elementary School. A kind of "mathematical example" for those who want to learn mathematics through the beautiful task (regular and supplementary education, math section, and prepare for the competition) mathematical book with us. Online is the twentieth edition.

2. MATERIALS for young mathematicians

elaborated topics for additional classes and free math activities in primary and secondary schools (here IX - XII class means I - IV class SS).
1. Chess and Mathematics (collection of "headbreak" tasks), V - X class.
2. Unusual arithmetic (introduction to congruences modulo), VI - X class.
3. What is bigger? (Methods for comparing the size), a collection of crisp. Task V-X class.
4. Elements of topology (popular on graphs, etc..), V-X class.
5. Pythagoras numbers (with a collection of tasks), VII - XII class.
6. Dirichle's principle (a collection of solved tasks), V - XI class.
7. Rights and circles (a collection of solved structural assignments), V - IX class.
8. Combinatorial geometry (a collection of tasks with solutions), VI - XII class.
9. Non-linear Diophantine equation (a variety of methods, collection), VIII - XII class.
10. The method of false assumptions (the tasks solved), V-XII class.
11. Different ways of solving the tasks I (tasks in geometry), VI - X class.
12. Different ways of solving tasks II (tasks of the movement), VI - X class.
13. Collection of non-standard tasks trigonometry (with res.), X - XII class.
14. Straight sections of prisms and pyramids, VIII-XII.
15. School Practicum: tasks with the school. matemat. Competition and V c. Primary School (1976-2003)
16. School Practicum: tasks with the school. matemat. V competition class. Primary School (1976-2003
17. School Practicum: tasks with the school. matemat. Competition VI class. Primary School (1976-2004)
18. Logical tasks with "Arhimedes's" mat. Primary school tournaments (1976-2003) with solutions
19. I love math. Non-standard tasks - problems "difficult situations", Part I (IV and V c.)
20. I love math. Non-standard tasks - problems "difficult situations", Part II (c V and VI.)
21. UH, THE TASK beautiful! Behind the collection with "Archimedes" Primary School Mathematics Tournament - By grade (with solutions), (IV-VIII c.).
22. UH, THE TASK beautiful! Behind the collection with "Archimedes" mat. SS with the tournaments with solutions: Collection 3 (I, II, III - IV c.).
23. Labyrinth. Exercises for elementary school students (Encyclopedia of 180 labyrinths).
24. Combinatorial tasks in figure and words (for younger elementary school grades)
25. Graders loves math (workshop graders)
26. Mathematics for younger elementary school classes: 100 non-standard tasks: I, II, III, IV of
27. Mathematics. Small text assignments for the I, II, III c.PS
29. I like mathematics-"Difficult Situation", Part I (IV and V c.)
30. I like mathematics-"Difficult Situation", Part II (c. V and VI.)
31. Computer Science I - Selected topics (three issues), primary and secondary schools.
32. Computer II - Selected topics (two topics), primary and secondary schools.
33. Computer III - Application educational computer programs, a collection of tasks (62 task - the program), primary and secondary schools.
34. Computer IV - Graphics and combinatorial geometry on the computer - a collection of tasks 64 task - the program), primary and secondary schools.
35. Computing V - Processing text and tables on the computer (a collection of tasks), (8 job - program), primary and secondary schools.
36. Computing VI - Matemat. programmec. brain teasers (puzzles), primary and secondary schools.
37. Computer Science VII - Algorithms and their finality (for example), SS.


1. Individualized teaching (mathematics), practices (D. Tresnjak)
2. Addressing inequality is irrational (FCA M.Marjanovic).
3. Problem trisekcije angle (B. Cabric)
4. Sermon on the fourth dimension (M. Miletic)
5. The paradoxes and sophistries in mathematics (M. Miletic)
6. Multiplication table (D. Trifunovic)
7. The role of teachers in evaluating student work (M. Vilotijevic)


a) mathematics program for primary schools - one book (I-VIII class.) , Edited text of the program, after all the corrections from 1996 to 2001 (no instructions for use), 2002 edition year. This program applies to "Guidelines for Implementing the program" from the program printed 1996th year (because in that guide there were no significant changes).
b) Program Mathematics for High Schools (M1-M3) - a book.
v) Applications of mathematics for vocational schools (programs M1-M14) - a book.
All programs are with didactic-methodical guidance and valid norms of teaching aids . Books are an appropriate format, for practical use.

5. GREAT PICTURES mathematicians, physicists and other scientists

a) wall paintings (posters) A4: Pythagoras, Archimedes, Galileo, Descartes, Pascal, Newton, Gauss, Lobachevsky, MPAlas, Tesla. Suitable for offices, workrooms, etc..
b) Postcards : Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, Đ.Bruno, Galileo, Pascal, Getaldic, Boskovic, Descartes, Leibniz, Newton, Gauss, Euler, Einstein, MPAlas, Tesla and Vuk Karadzic. Suitable for correspondence, greeting cards, albums.
v) Talon with pictures of great mathematician (42 pictures, format the deck A5). Suitable for albums and the like. On the occasion of 400 anniversary of the birth of the great human thought - Descartes, we issued the 1996th (first time in our country) its image in color (poster and postcard), the portrait from the Louvre. We also released a poster and a postcard in color MPAlasa to the portrait, which was developed by Uros Predic, located in the Arts.

Pitagora.jpg images/Gaus.jpg images/Lajbnic.jpg Arhimed.jpg) Njutn.jpg Alas.jpg

6. Math test

with solutions and keys for scoring

Offer the most complete real (proven and standardized) tests in mathematics for elementary school. An excellent teaching material and the qualifying examination for entry into secondary schools (regardless of the model in question).
a) Annual (final) tests for grades (IV - VI) - variant TM, M, T;
b) Test basic knowledge of mathematics (T-OZM) for c. VIII. - an inventory test that covers the entire subject matter of mathematics in primary school;
v) sets of tests (control task) by program units (KZM) for the VII and VIII c.PS: KZM-VII (8 tests) and KZM-VIII (6 tests);
g) General guidance on the application of tests in mathematics .
For each of the tests were printed and KZM special issue solutions with the keys to scoring .
7. Collection of math test (ZTM) containing (KTM-95)
preparation for the qualifying examination for admission to secondary schools

ZTM kit that makes the addition of KTM-95 contains 25 tests with 500 tasks : all the tests with the qualifying exams 1990-1995 . year, preliminary tests for the qualification examination and tests by grade (with solutions and keys for scoring).
Regardless of the model has changed a qualifications exam (with a collection of tasks that the release was prepared by the Ministry of Education), the undivided opinion of experts that this is still our publications represent the most comprehensive set of tests with the appropriate tasks for < b> really learning math , and therefore for the successful preparation qualifying exams . After all, in the Collection of tasks for the qualifying exam 1998th there were as many as 66 tasks that were literally taken from our "Orange book" (which was never mentioned), while in the published collection of KI 1999th located about 80 tasks from our collection of tests (in some tasks, numerical data are changed a bit). Among the tasks kvalifikacioniom exam in June and August 1996-1998.g. There were several tasks from our set, because, presumably, have imposed their primerenoscu. The same is the case with the collection of a qualifying exam for 2000-2002. Author of all the tests in our "orange collection" is B. Marinkovic.

8. MATHEMATICS. The first figure in the tens and the word (S.Biljali)

Worksheets (16 +1). Conducive to learning first numbers tens (reading, spelling, comparison, addition, subtraction). The application is simple and requires almost no explanation. To work in a kindergarten school at home. It's easy, fast, easy, fun. For preschoolers, graders, teachers, parents, educators. Printed in two formats: A4 (21 cm h 29 cm) and B5 (17 cm h 24 cm).

9. Mathematics as GAME 1
for students in lower grades of elementary school

Prepared by: Dc. Mirko Dejic, Stanimir and Slobodan Vukovic. In the book, most of the tasks and contributions that were published in the journal "Dice". From the contents: Interesting and funny assignments. An interesting geometry games Palidrvce. Magical figure. The various puzzles. Math stories. From the history of mathematics (the great popular math, etc.).. Selected tasks to check the knowledge of the school (by grade: I-IV c.). Solutions. Plenty of humorous illustrations.

10. Mathematics as GAME 2
Handbook for students aged elementary school

This book is a sequel of the same name for students in lower grades of primary school, which is the "Archimedes" published 2,001th godine.U this book are mostly tasks that were published in the journal "Straight" (for older elementary students of school). The journal was published in Pancevo in the period 1996-1998.
The book includes: an interesting mathematical tasks for various age groups, math games, stories, sketches the history of mathematics, control tests to verify the acquired knowledge in mathematics (selected tasks from the regular school curriculum, by grade and subjects). This book teaches students to think logically and correctly (of course, if they want it and put in the effort). For all tasks are given answers (results).
The book is intended primarily to V-VIII grade of school who love mathematics and want to, play, enjoying solving of interesting and often unusual tasks, but may be of benefit to all other lovers of mathematics .
Suitable for prizes.

Methodical approach

The content of this book makes an introductory lecture by Dc. Mirko Dejic the Third "Arhimedesovom" republican seminar for teachers of mathematics teaching in elementary grades (11 February 2004. year), within osnobvne topics: Uh, this geometry!
From the contents: Introduction. Kratakistorijski overview of geometry. Geometrijsknje figure. The geometric concepts. Cognitive capabilities of children and methodological procedures for the formation of geometrical concepts.

12. Exercises MATH
for I, VI, VII and VIII c. PS

group of authors (Lj.Vukovic - B.Jevremovic - J.Cukovic), in the newsroom B. Marinkovic. The collections are consistent with the current math program and have a number of advantages over the other (the structure, quality and number of tasks). They contain a large variety of tasks (1300-1500). Almost all of the tasks given to the decision, direction or results. At the beginning of each chapter (topic) is given an appropriate reminder (derived from the theory necessary), so that the collection are suitable for independent work of students in regular classes and extra work. So far have had a few more editions and publishers. MS "Archimedes", as the new publisher, has prepared a more detailed revised and updated edition all four collections, which were delivered in December 1998. years. In late 2000, and in 2001, 2002, 2003. and 2004. The printed editions are new .

13. Special Exercises MATH
for VI grade

Authors: Dc. George and Stojan Dugosija Velickovic. The collection is harmonized with the current math program but is something new of the textbooks and manuals in mathematics, both in terms of access, and choice and the structure of tasks (tasks in each chapter are given in three groups: A - for all students, B - for the better students, C - for the best students). For all tasks (and there are over 1000) to give the answers, instructions or complete solutions. Some solutions are as a role model to solve tasks. Each chapter is preceded tasks necessary definitions, facts, and other elements of the "theory", so this book is a combination of textbooks and collections of tasks, and can be used both for regular and additional classes and independent work for students. Developing mathematical thinking is the main goal of this collection . The collection has been published in October 1998.

14. MATH for the curious - Interesting articles and tasks

This book, a true kaleidoscope of various mathematics content, primarily assignments (some in the form of interesting stories or games). Wrote B.Simic and D.Milosevic. For all tasks, and there are over 300, the solutions are given. In mathematics it is for everyone, especially for the older grades of elementary school students and high school students. For learning and recreation. Suitable for the award.


This book is secondary to the curriculum through the tasks, showing how the various ideas of modern mathematics can be simply and fruitfully "plant" used in teaching. In doing so, the "logical skroziranjem" dives into a lot of questions, indicating possible generalizations, wider and deeper dives into the "mathematical beings."
This book is neither a classic textbook, nor a collection of tasks, even methodical manual, either ... while it all together .
Teachers who are looked PRODUBNICE will probably then run different classes - better, in accordance with received ideas and models. A lot of them.
book is for those who teach mathematics, and those who teach mathematics and want to get into the substance of issues that concern them. Suitable for prizes .


Treasury of non-standard tasks (mostly with high school math competitions), with an unusual, original, witty solutions. At best illustrated by the connections between certain areas of mathematics, and will contribute to the class of creative mathematical thinking. It is intended for young mathematicians dadatni for high school work and preparing for mathematics competitions, their teachers and other lovers of mathematics. Suitable for the award.

VIEW IN MATHEMATICS ANTIQUITY (with a collection of "old" tasks) (S. Nedovic)

This book is a comprehensive research guide to the history of mathematics, but something closer to a wider circle of readers: it is a mosaic of ideas, facts and views the growth of mathematics, is the author's view of mainstream of class primarily of ancient mathematics. In addition to evolutionary theory and the idea of individual monitors and more - all to the modern age. This book helps the reader to restore and enrich their mathematical knowledge. It abounds in interesting details and general culture.
It represents only part of the history of mathematics without mystification and can be a good interlocutor every lover of the curious mathematics of students aged elementary school to professional mathematicians. For students and teachers is particularly interesting collection of ancient problem of the book. Suitable for prizes.

18. Combinatorics - Exercises
detljnim with solutions and basic theory (S.Jovanovski)

najkopletniju This book is a collection of tasks in combinatorics. Includes basic tasks 660 , although the actual number of tasks much relationship (many tasks have subtasks, and to add examples of tasks within the grounds of theory). data for all tasks are complete solutions .
In the first part of the book are given the necessary the theory , illustrated by specific examples. The second part is a collection of tasks with solutions , divided into two parts: the basic level and higher level (the division is rather conditional).
Collection is intended primarily for high school students (first and fourth grade) and students and all lovers of mathematics , and students of the seventh and eighth grade (basic). It is suitable for independent work of students for regular classes and extra work (including preparing for competitions in mathematics). This book will be the ornament of your library. Suitable for prizes srednjoskolcima .

19. Math games (M.Dejic)

systematic view of the large number of diverse and interesting mathematical games of strategic charactec. For those looking to test and develop their intellectual abilities and combinatorial way of thinking. Suitable for the award.

20. NUMBERS - Non-standard tasks (R. Tosic - D. Milosevic)

collection tasks. Contains mainly on the number of non-standard tasks (120 tasks with solutions), proposed in various mathematical competitions in schools, the young mathematician. It is designed for students aged elementary school grades and mid-schoolers (primarily those who are preparing for the competition), teachers of mathematics and other non-standard lovers of tasks.

21. Extreme values FUNCTION - Elementary Methods (M.Ivovic)

Through examples to show how tasks of extreme values can be solved by natural methods (which often use a simpler, more elegant and more practical than the use of differential calculus). The book is intended for secondary school pupils, students and teachers of mathematics.

22. Mathematician BOGDAN GAVRILOVIC - Life and Work (Trifunovic - Perisic)

Creativity B.Gavrilovica academics and its share of the mathematics of the Serbs. A kind of small islustrated Serbian mathematical school history. Issued on the occasion of 130th - The birth anniversary of B. Gavrilovic.

23. Doctoral dissertation Mihailo Petrovic (D. Trifunovic)

The various people go about the time when M. Petrovic finished school in Paris and entered the science (the famous French mathematicians mathematical school, etc..). Issued on the occasion of the centenary M.Petrovica doctorate, holding "Archimedes" 200th mathematical discussions and the exhibition "The Life and Work MP Alas" (December 1994).

24. Eight centuries of mathematics in the Serbian people (D.Trifunovic)

research program in the national history of mathematics.

25. Leibniz's infinitesimal method (Demetrius Nesic).

Facsimile edition. It contains two sermons D.Nesica: 1) Look at synthetise Leibnitzian infinitesimal method, 2) Fighting Newton and Leibniz, the calculus priority of invention. The book was published on the occasion of 350th anniversary of the birth of the famous mathematician G.V. Leibniz and 160 anniversary of the birth of our mathematicians D. Nesic.

26. Mihailo Petrovic - Zora Serbian mathematics (D. Trifunovic)

D.Nesica CV and work, with a number of documents and photos.

27. MATHEMATICAL ENJOYER - Knowledge of the leisure

magazine for everyone, especially for students of III, IV, V and VI c. Elementary School. The MZ is published: short articles and stories of mathematical, logical, and other tasks, many interesting facts about numbers and figures (for sharpening the mind), puns and math quiz tasks, rebuses, mazes, math crossword puzzles, tasks from the competition, the prize assignments. List izlzi in volumes of 16 pages, 5 times during the school year, the Cyrillic alphabet in three colors. For more than 5 sets - discount 5% -20%, depending on quantity, time of ordering and payment methods. We have all the sets of the two previous volumes of the IC. And for these sets is given mention rebate. Incentive-educational game "Knowledge + Award" for subscribers.


These publications are available through the "Archimedes" at prices that are listed in the attached price list.
IP "Circle", Belgrade : Mathematics 10 (a collection of tasks) - preparing for entry into secondary school Mathematics (S. Ognjanovic).
Mathematical Society of Serbia : 1000 Collection of tasks solved with mathematical competitions primary school students (1994-2003), collection of preparatory tasks for the students' mathematical competitions V c. PS (V.Andric), preparatory tasks for the students' mathematical competitions VI c. PS (Vukovic-Đoric), V c. PS (V.Andric), preparatory tasks for the students' mathematical contest 7-8. PS (Vukovic-Đoric), Mathematics 3 - for the collection of high-level III c. PS (V.Andric), the Republican contest of students from secondary schools Mathematics (1959 - 2000), and the Federal Republic ECA Results competition for secondary schools (1990 - 2001), selected the "List of Primary School Mathematics", the competition objectives of the "List of Primary School Mathematics," Mathematical Mosaic.
"Education Review" Belgrade : Small Combinatorics (R. Tosic), raznica II (S.Presic). Collections zaataka in mathematics and Serbian language (and solutions) for enrollment in secondary schools.
KMM "Archimedes" Novi Sad : And young mathematician - a collection of tasks for III, IV and V c. PS (M. Saric - R.Tosic).
Agency "Valjevac" Valjevo : Mathematics IV - a collection of tasks for additional training in the IVR. PS (V. Andric).
Public Library "Resavska school" Despotovac Interesting mathematical problems with solutions (B. Simic). That's the math - for centuries. develop. Primary and secondary schools (B. Simic). I love math: Get a grip and start! (B.Simic). World of selected mat. Task: Prepare! (B: Simic).
DN Belgrade Center : Fermat's last theorem (S. Singh).
SOHO GRAF-Belgrade : Mathematical Manual (Bronstejn-Semendjaev-Musiol-Milit), translated into Serbian, 1200 pages. The famous encyclopedic mat. manual. In Russia and Germany had dozens of publications.

calendars and posters

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