"Archimedes" school for young mathematicians (ASMM)

      Main sector of activity MS "Archimedes" is a constant "Archimedes" school for young mathematicians (ASMM) that runs throughout the school year Belgrade, with branches in other places where it has the interests and requirements. In the course of one school year teaching in this extracurricular "school" attended by 600-800 fans mathematics from the first grade to fourth year high school . Implemented two programs: A program (standard for all pupils from r. Elementary school to IV r. Secondary schools, 44 hours) and program B (elevated - deepened the students of IV to VIII r. primary and secondary schools, 54 hours). Selection of students is done by the competition at the beginning of each scolexes year - based on their former success and admission test (for program B). This test are exempt from candidates who have received awards or commendations on the math competitions of international or the national level in the previous school year, which is more precisely defined in the Competition for admission of students in ASMM.
      Within ASMM for i a group of older preschoolers (Program A), click here .
      programs that are realized in ASMM a step further in relation to teaching in our regular schools - these are special programs additional work in mathematics, aimed at deepening and broadening school mathematics curriculum. These programs are coordinated with programs for additional work in math and free mathematical activities in elementary school and in high school and vocational schools, which were previously published as part of the official syllabus for the aforementioned types of schools, provided that they were "Archimedes" modified bearing in mind their long experience in working with young fans of mathematics. Content and methods are provided to improve the knowledge, acquire new knowledge, to prepare for the competition and culture of a mathematical enrichment students. For this purpose prepared a lot of teaching materials and publications.
      Courses are selected for this work qualified teachers in primary and secondary schools as well as universities (depending on program and grade).
      So far this school is attended by more than 27,970 students (41th generation).

For tender ASMM 2015
      Registration and enrollment in ASMM for the 2015/2016 school's year(41th generation) will be conducted from 1st to 15th September 2015 in the "Archimedes". However, interested students can register and latter also. For tender click here .

      Within ASMM organized a special "Archimedes" Olympic Group to work with the best - candidates for national teams in international math competitions in mathematics (MMO, BMO, International Tournament of Towns) within ASMM, as in previous years, will host a special "Archimedes" Olympic group, of course, if enough zainteresovaanih students. For more information about giving to the special notifications (little competition) for the Olympic group . Click here !

      Organizes and Mailing Mathematical School (IV-VII r. Elementary school) . Participation may be: a) individually; b) as a "collective student"; c) internet version. About how to publish a separate notice-contest. Click here
      We are organizind and computer courses - mainly within the summer and winter schools, and during the year - only if there are sufficient number of interested students.

     Winter and summer school for young mathematicians

      They are very popular and famous "Archimedes" winter and summer school for young mathematicians, which are organized every year during the winter and summer school holidays.

      Winter Mathematical School is organized in the famous Children's recreation center Mitrovac in the National Park "Tara" lasting 7-9 days. Besides the compulsory teaching of mathematics (two hours in the morning and one hour workshops in the afternoon) and computing courses (for those who want to), the students organized active leisure and recreation (skiing, sledding, ski-lift, walk, popular cultural evening entertainment), all under the leadership teams selected nastavnikia and instructors. Those who wish may solve posevbe bidding assignments, participate in a chess tournament, a mathematical quiz.

      Summer school math we organize every summer (in July) for 9-10 days. Until 1998, were organized in child letovališatima Mountain (Tara, Goc) and at sea (Jelsa, Becici, Čanj). However, because of the known circumstances, then, that in recent years, organized two summer schools: first at the beginning of July at a recreation center-hotel Silver Lake on the Danube (near Great forts ), and the second in mid-July at the Children's recreation center Mitrovac .

      Teaching math is done every day by grade (at 2 hours after breakfast and 1 hour math workshop in the afternoon). For those who wish, in the afternoon and evening, organized by the Computer Science courses (by level). Rest of the time students spend in walking, sports, cultural and entertainment activities, swimming (pool Tari), solving the casual vacancy in mathematics, playing chess. Organise and traditional mathematics quiz acumen. Programs, classes, courses and other activities, as well as in the winter school, achieve team selected teachers and trainers in collaboration with the staff of the resort. These teams were well-known professors from abroad (mostly from Moscow).

      addition to winning some "Archimedes" contests and competitions (which it awards), in the winter and summer schools received and other students who retains the love math, but you pay the proper price of the arrangement. Prices are affordable, if we bear in mind the contents arrangements, hired experts and mode.
      topics in mathematics are interesting, accessible and age-appropriate students (starting from the first grade of primary school).
      classes at school ends with a shorter control work (final test).
      At the closing ceremony, the students who achieved the best results on the final test, in addressing vacancy assignments, a quiz acumen, the chess tournament and other events - will be awarded appropriate recognition (awards, praise, thank you).
      All students and teachers at the end of the summer (winter) schools get two photos and the appropriate Bulletin of the School of data on all students, teachers, realized themes and all activities within the school.
      For each winter and summer school mathematics published in appropriate competition (detailed notice).
      For competition for summer school 2014 - click here and for competition for the winter school 2014 - click here !
      And this is how it was previous years (just some examples) . Click here

Summer School on Tara
Summer School on Tara
teachers in summer school at Tara in 1991

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