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MS "Archimedes" as a specialized center for lovers of mathematics and computer science, has numerous and extensive activities in several sectors: the popularization of mathematics, computer science and science in general, work directly with students as part of its "School of young mathematicians" (permanent school - during school year, summer and winter schools); mathematical tournaments, professional meetings of teachers, purchase of books and journals (specialized libraries); own publishing (Petty publications for students and teachers), organizational, information and documentation, Technical and other jobs. MD "Archimedes" in its activities conducted continuously for 36 years and working in very difficult conditions, in the opinion of experts, has achieved extraordinary results. However, it is still not fixed in the system of financing by the company.
Unlike most similar organizations, organized mainly festivals and competitions of pupils at the end of the school year, "Archimedes' activities are ongoing throughout the year, and competitions and festivals are the only ending that work. Youth participation in "Archimedesovim" activities, especially those that are carried throughout the school year, gives very good results.

Some famous "Archimedesians"

The row of Fame "Archimedesians" first "Archimedes" decade (1974-1983) are Nikola Miljkovic (which for two years graduate study in mathematics and electrical engineering), Mirjana Spasojevic (also for two years, graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade), Milos Arsenović (who received his doctorate from the University of at Berkeley, is a professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Associate "Archimedes"), Mladen Despić (bachelor's degree and doctorate at the University of Berkeley) and others.
One of the real talents, originated in the "Archimedes" in the second decade (1984-1993), and Ranko Lazic , Oxford genius that was in "Archimdes" school of fourth grade until his England 1991st years (after second year high school math). He received his PhD from the University of Oxford and is now a professor at Warwick (England).
The most successful "Arhimedesians" from the second half of the second decade of the third and the first half of the decade (ie, in the period 1992-1999) certainly are Djordje Milicevic, Marko Stosic, Jelena Spasojevic, Dusan Djukic, Ivan Matic, Nikola Petrovic . They were regular students of the Mathematical High School in Belgrade, now a graduate mathematicians, all working abroad at prestigious universities or institutes (mostly in America).
Among the particularly successful in the second half of the third decade (2000-2004) certainly are Vladimir Lazic, Tatjana Simčević, Milivoje Lukic, Milan Novakovic, Alexander Pejčev, Marko Radovanovic and others. They are from the constellation of successful pupils Mathematical High School in Belgrade, for which it was once said to have subscribed to the awards, but they were also the participants 'Archimedes' mathematical school ( Olympic Group )
In the first half of the fourth decade (2004-2009), their rates went Uroš Rajkovic, George Baralić, Igor Kabiljo, as today's "Archimedesians", also regular students MG: Marija Jelic, Vladimir Nikolic, Dusan Milijančević, Luka Milicevic , Theodor fon Burg, Mihajlo Cekić i Vukasin Stojisavljević etc.

Most successful students

"Archimedesians" are among the most successful students in all faculties. Students Generation Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade during the last few years have been exclusively Former "Archimedesians" - before enrolling in college students "Archimedes" school for young mathematicians (AŠMM): Djordje Milicevic, Marko Stosic, Ivan Matic, Vladimir Lazic, Tatjana Simčević, Miljan Brakočević, Milivoje Lukic, May Etinski Most of them are from a special group within the Olympic AŠMM working since the beginning of school year 1997/98. year.

Successes of students in competitions

Holders of other awards and prizes in various math contests and competitions in a number of the "Archimedesians" . Of course, they are regular students of various primary or secondary schools (high schools among the first to Mathematical High School in Belgrade), but they are further studied with "Archimedes", ie. were in "Arhimedesovim" school for young mathematicians (especially in his "Olympic Group") or are involved in some of the research - competitive activities (including on costs "Archimedes", such as the International Mathematics Tournament of Towns). For all the math contests and to those who had organized "Archimedes", "Archimedesians" were very successful. Some examples to illustrate the last 12-13 years, primarily with government, federal and international competition (from the past do not specify). At lower levels of competition these successes are greater. The data were taken from the "Archimedes" official documents and reports from the event. Most part they are published on the website of Mathematical Society of Serbia. Due to limited space, the names of holders of awards listed only in international competitions (not always, if they are to BMO and IMO). Successes in "Arhimedesovim" contests (Mathematics Tournament primary and secondary schools, do you think, Corresponding Mathematical Olympiad) are given in the reports from these competitions (see our website: Competitions).

Here's how it's been for years:
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All such awards are gift "Arhimesedu" for his 36 years of successful work with math lovers . Unfortunately, none of the foregoing, as a rule, is not mentioned during the presentation of successful students - athletes in the media or to their home schools. For example, for many successful high-school students not to mention that they were excellent students and have won awards in math competitions before coming to the high school (ie elementary school), let alone their mathematical knowledge and enriched "Arhimedesovim" mathematical schools or other similar institutions.

And the fact is that the "Archimedes" a little contributed to these successes.

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